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Great for all levels of guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Camps are a great jump-start for new learners and students who want to try out new instruments as well as a good booster for the seasoned rockers.

Summer Camps (CLICK HERE) $399Purchase required to enroll

Come to School of Rock and play all your favorite songs by your favorite artists! Students will be placed in bands and experience what it's like to be a part of a band, learn how to be a team player, build their confidence, meet some great new friends and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

About School of Rock Camps...

Our Rock N’ Roll camps are 5 days of LEARNING MUSIC, PLAYING MUSIC, FUN, BAND BONDING and PERFORMANCE for ages 7-18! In one week kids go from zero to a set of songs and a live performance. Group rehearsal, music trivia, song casting, one-on-one attention from our all-star instructors, gear education, and band-related activities are all aimed at helping kids learn a set of songs and be totally ready to rock them by the end of the week. Whether you play drums, sing, shred guitar or bass or play keyboard -- you’ll have a blast.

If you're ready to sign up, pick your camp(s) below and sign up online. Or just call and we'll do a quick sign up over the phone, and you can ask questions!!

Contact General Manager, Matt Camp at mcamp@schoolofrock.com or call 615-221-9700.

Summer Camp Late Pickup Workshop (CLICK HERE) $15 per classA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

$15 Late Pickup Workshops are offered from 4-5pm Monday through Thursday during the camp week.